Friday, May 26, 2006

Synthesizer goodness! - the studio

Here we have my studio room, this pic shows it still being set up and without my wall mounted flat screen computer monitors ( 3 total).

I built the wall mounts from parts at home depot ( $150 total)
i was going to go with music store slat board which was pretty cheap itself, but paying $25 per mounting arm was NOT gonna happen!

The color is Dr.Pepper inspired, i had helped with a friends studio and had picked this color out for him, a year later and i got the chance to set up my own studio and decided i needed to go with the same color.

I removed the closet doors and hung up a cool black curtain in place of the ugly white slatted monsters! -- I also put my work bench in the closet, so i have quick access to my many projects, musical and otherwise .... to me it's nice to be able to fix up a patch cable or solder up something cool to patch into the MS-10 without having to leave the room.

now to the good stuff!
here is a list of pretty much all the equipment shown:

Roland juno 60 (2)
Roland juno 106
casio cz 3000
yamaha cs6x
Korg DW6000
Korg 01w

Roland sh101 (grey)
Roland sh101 (blue)
Korg MS10
Moog rogue
Korg ms2000
Moog sattelite
Roland groovebox 505
Roland D2
Redsound darkstar v2

drum machines
Roland 505
Roland 606
Kawai r50e
Akai xr10

synths in rack
Akai s950 (sampler)
Akai s950 (sampler)
Paia fatman (kit)
Paia fatman (kit)
Novation A-Station
Casio vz
Yamaha TX81z
Oberheim matrix6r
Redsound elevata

Misc in rack
MAV 8 midi router
line mixer (x3)
Patch bays (2) 24ch each
ANALOG ibanez fx
Alesis qaudraverb
Paia Ringmodulator (kit build)
dsp 128
electro harmonix vocoder
EV wireless mic
Alesis power amp

Theremins - not pictured
Etherwave/moog theremin
paia Theremax theremin
MUBOX - optical theremin w/gate switch

Fatar 61 key
Roland 37 key

Mubotic made creations -- pix coming!
Traumalo/trance gate mutator

Thursday, May 25, 2006


May 23rd was Robert Moog's Birthday....

Here's to you Dr.Moog!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Welcome to Mubotics Online!

Here you will find pics/sounds/build galleries/videos/etc of all my creations