Monday, April 14, 2008

world record attempt

Ok, after watching THE KING OF KONG a fistfull of quarters i couldnt help but feel the need to check out TWIN GALAXIES website and take a look at some high scores of MY favorite games from back in the day.

one game in particular was SPACE DUEL i loved this game as a kid, and funny enough i received a full sized arcade machine of space duel as payment for my very 1st graphic design freelance job in the mid 90's.

i took note of the high score and was pretty impressed with rankings 1-5 holding their titles since 1983/1984 thats pretty damned impressive!! but scores 6 - 10 are a joke! ... so im going to try and make my mark in history with a top 10 score of my own!

time to get the machine outta storage and get practicing ....